Crop circle appeared on Russian wheat field

Unique, bizarre, crazy, June 24, 2009, a crop circle with a mysterious piktogram pattern consisting of several circles appeared in a wheat field in southern Russia, precisely in the Krasnodar region. Whether aliens are visiting earth, or whether someone is trying to make a joke that is not funny. This is the first appearance of crop circles outside the UK than six crop circle found in Britain since May 25, 2009.Russian researchers are still trying to explain the cause of this strange phenomenon. The appearance of crop circles has also attracted the arrival of dozens of UFO experts from around the world.

From space, we can see clearly a perfect geometrical pattern, giant circles with lines that connect. Circle diameter varies between 5 to 25 meters. Who or what caused the circle is still a mystery.
The location of the emergence of crop circles is located in a small village named Dinskaya, Krasnodar region, right next to a busy overpass. Even so, crop circles appear overnight and no one has seen the culprit. Local reporters have been busy flooding the location and the local Russian population took their family to that place for photos.
According to a research group named kosmopoisk space, this phenomenon is not the first time this has happened in Russia. Many were suspicious of the peasants as a principal maker of this crop cirlce. With a rope and stakes, then such a pattern can easily be made. However, many also believe that the circle was created by aliens.
According to the locals, the night when the appearance of crop circles, they saw fire balls that glow appeared in the sky.
Usual Kosmopoisk researching crop circles found strange symptoms occur at night appearance of crop circles everywhere. Beginning with the agitated animals, especially dogs and cattle. But five minutes later, all animals became calm. Then complete silence blanketed the area to a radius of 20 km, not even the sound of crickets. Then the next morning crop circle found in the area.
In addition to the above symptoms, the appearance of a fireball in the sky for several minutes to several hours is one of the most frequently reported signs appeared on the eve of the appearance of crop circles. The emergence of the fireball was accompanied by death of electrical equipment. Cars can not be turned and the phone did not get a signal.
In Russia, the previous crop circles have appeared in the Armavir region. However, wheat field farmer owners fear that superstitious customers would not buy the farm so he took the tractor and flatten the crop circle. The ufolog not had time to learn it.
Crop circles to this day is a phenomenon that remains a mystery. Similar phenomenon was also reported to exist in the United States, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Germany and most often is English.