Mystery Island Dolls in Mexico

The island is located in Mexico is quite scary, because on this island there are thousands who depend on a creepy doll in the tree-pohon.Boneka usually is fun and funny. But not so with the dolls that are on the island. La Isla de La Munecas, which means the Spanish island of Dolls.

The doll is not funny but creepy, even among those who depend mutilated dolls.

The island was first discovered by a first named Don Julian Santana. He left the world outside to be alone on the island which is located in the Mexican South. He dedicates the last fifty years of his life by making La Isla de la Munecas.
Initially, Julian Santana is haunted by the ghost of a child admitted that she drowned in one of the channel islands. She began to hang the doll he found on every trash can in the tree island.

He admitted doing so to calm the spirits of the boy. Until the end, depending on hundreds of thousands of doll tree island until the island is called Doll.

The island was for years forgotten, because of the difficulty of reaching the island. Until the end of 1990 a canal cleaning program the Mexican government to pave the way for Mexican gondolas called trajineras to pass through the island.

Julian himself was later found drowned on April 17, 2011. However, his family still keep hold of the island to obtain donations from visitors.

On this island there is no power or water. Mobile phones also do not get a signal on the island, because the island is located in the interior of Xochimilco, Mexico City.

To get there, you can ride "trajinera" from Cuemanco Pier and ask to be brought to it. This trip took 2 hours, and during the trip you can enjoy the beautiful scenery Xochimico.