10 Insect World Record Holder

1. Insects Most Beautiful: Sunset Moth from Malagasy

This insect wings actually do not have any pigmentation. Colors that appear on the wings comes from the refraction of light from the micro-ribbons on its wings. This insect is active during the daytime, when the insects from the same family are active at night. They come from Madagascar and South America, and their wings change color from blue to green and then golden yellow color when viewed from different sides.

2. Most Dangerous Ants: Black Bulldog Ant of Australia

In literature, this ant been known to kill humans. Insects are the most primitive species of all ants and are very aggressive. Length about 1 inch and could grow to 2 inches. As the name implies, this ant is found only in Australia and his movement was very fast.

3. Fastest Flying Insect: Horse Fly

This insect can fly with a speed of 90 MPH (miles per hour). He also has very good maneuverability in the air. He can turn and change direction with the speed of light. He also has very large eyes, and can see almost 360 degrees angle.

4. Toughest insects: Goliath Beetle

This insect comes from the scarab beetle family, and likes to eat the plants die. He has a length of 2 to 4.3 inches and weighs about 3 to 3.5 oz (approximately 28.35 grams). They play an important role in the ecosystem as a decomposer.

5. Most Annoying Insects: No-See-Um

These insects are very small flies that gather in a group and flew in a direction that is not clear. They can pass through the crevices of the door or window. They usually live in places that there are sources of water. Only the females bite and suck blood, in order to get protein to rear its eggs.

6. Longest Insect: Giant Stick Insect

About 163 mm in length, and if counted when his legs all stretched, its length becomes 295 mm. In some cases, the length can reach 20 inches. There are over 3,000 species of insects are found, and some of them have wings and can fly.

7. Insects Ternyaring: Brevisana brevis

This cicada species sounds can be heard up to 1 mile away. At close range, the sound can reach 120 dB. For comparison, the music at discos 'just' the size of 100 dB.

8. Insects with Strangest Shape: Thorn Bug

Size and color of this insect is very variable, but usually, the adult size of about 0.5 inches tall and green. They are found in Central and South America, Mexico, and South Florida.

9. Insects with Time Life Earliest: Queen of Termites

This insect is known to have lived for 50 years. They have existed on earth since 200 million years ago. These insects eat the dry wood and cause damage to homes than fires and storms. Queen can lay 5000-7000 eggs per day.

10. Most Destructive Insects: Desert Locus

If termites as above caused a lot of damage to the house, it's nothing compared to the damage produced by the Desert Locus. They each eat the same size with body weight. They eat almost all kinds of vegetables, leaves, flowers, rice, fruits, and grains. Year 2003-2005 was a period of desert locus of the worst attack in West Africa. They have invaded more than 20 countries, and costs incurred to fight them over $ 400 million. Damage produced on plantations worth more than $ 2.5 billion.